MKK t-shirt?

Added on by J.K. SHISHIDO.

We decided to make t-shirts to sell as a fundraising project. We're thinking of putting this on the front:

As part of a separate fundraising project, yesterday we were at JCCH's Summer Craft Fair selling some handmade items sewn by MKK administrator Hayashi (shinai bukuro, tenugui envelopes, hands-free bags, etc.). To gauge audience reaction among the fair-goers, we decided to make a state of the art full-scale mockup of our soon-to-be-ready t-shirt:

Seems like anime nerds and crazy cat ladies especially liked the design. Good!

I will post an update when the shirts are done and available for purchase. All money raised from these fundraisers will go directly to supporting Meikyokan.

Posted by Shishido.