MKK Fundraiser #2, continued : more handmade items

Added on by J.K. SHISHIDO.

Here are a few more items made by MKK administrator Hayashi. These are "hands-free" bags - useful for carrying your keys, eyeglasses, or whatever when you're wearing your keiko-gi & hakama (no pockets, right?). I use one of these everyday when I go to kendo practice.

I've never seen these before - we are calling them tenugui envelopes for the time being. They are a nice size for keeping your folded tenugui neat and organized in your bogu bag, although I'm sure you could find many other uses for them. I like the tie-closures; they remind me of the tie-closures on keiko-gi. These, like the shinai bukuro and hands-free bags above, are all made from old kimono.

All of these items are for sale as part of our fundraising for Meikyokan. We will have a fundraising table with the above items (and MKK t-shirts!) at the next three JCCH Craft Fairs, from ~9am to 2pm on the following days:

Saturday July 11.
Saturday, August 8.
Saturday, September 13.

Please come visit us. Alternately, you can e-mail us if you have any questions or would like to buy something. Thank you!

Posted by Shishido.