2016 HKF Executive Board elections

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2016 is an election year in the HKF. (Elections are currently held every 3 years.) The counting of the ballots will happen at the Board of Directors meeting on February 14. The nominated candidates are:

President: Seth Harris (Myohoji), Kathy Nekomoto (Kenyukai)
Vice-President: Wesley Fujimoto (Mililani)
Secretary: Jon Shishido (Meikyokan), Yoshiro Takahashi (Kenyukai)
Treasurer: Mike Sone (Mitsune)

Congratulations to Wesley Fujimoto & Mike Sone - already winners.

Last Tuesday the candidates received a request from Election Officer Phyllis Sone to write a 300 word statement about ourselves. This was optional but everyone submitted one.

Read the candidates' statements.
Secret Ballot.

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