HKF Information Archive

Added on by J.K. SHISHIDO.

I've been adding information about various HKF matters to the "HKF info" area on this website. You can go to the archive via the link in the left margin (desktop computers) or via the dropdown navigation menu (smartphones).

Sometimes I take a while to post stuff, and I agree that the archive is a bit out of place since this is actually the Meikyokan website and not the HKF website, but whatever - I just want MKK students to have a basic idea about what's going on in the HKF. Latest additions:

• list of everyone who passed the June 5 dan & kyu shinsa
• scan of the Nikkan San advertisement (June 21) re: visiting sensei from Kurume City, JAPAN
• final results from this past weekend's Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament

Posted by Shishido.