Study materials from old HKF website slowly migrating to HKF info area

Added on by J.K. SHISHIDO.

Since the old HKF website ( has been taken over by pornographer-capitalists, I prefer to not send anyone there, even if it's for accessing the very nice archive of kendo information that Teshima sensei and a few others created sometime before its abandonment and subsequent kidnapping around 2006. I've decided to cut and paste or screen capture the informational content from that website and move it to this website's HKF info area as an interim step; at some point if the HKF would like to permanently archive these materials at the official HKF website (, I think that would be a VERY GOOD IDEA.

In the meantime, here is what I've copied so far:

HKF Standard Protocols for Practices (from, retrieved 2016-09-18)
[ online document ] or [ PDF, 37KB ]

Special Kendo Kata (from, retrieved 2016-09-18)
[ online document ]

Excerpt from Kendo Reader, by Noma Hisashi (from, retrieved 2016-09-18)
[ online document ]

Collection of essays from Kenkyukai meeting archive (from, retrieved 2016-09-18)
[ online document ]

All good to study. I will move everything from the Kenkyukai Curriculum and Handbook whenever I have some spare time. I think we should take care of this kind of information, as 1) it required quite a lot of effort to produce it in the first place; and 2) since the HKF no longer maintains control over the domain name there is no guarantee that this information will stay online for any length of time.

Posted by Shishido.