HKF Board of Directors
Sunday, October 23, 2016
Myohoji Temple Social Hall (tentative)
start at 1pm


Attendance excused:

Approval of Minutes


Education Committee: 2016 All Hawaii Kendo Championships in Hilo (G. Matsumoto, Committee Chair)

Finance and Budget Committee: 2017 Budget (M. Sone, Committee Chair)

Bylaws Committee: status of HKF Bylaws (C. Goodin, Committee Chair)

Secretary: 2016 HKF members census; Oral histories and documents recording; Incidents reports for concussions and other injuries sustained during practices. (Secretary Shishido)

Unfinished Business

New Business

Motions: "Approve or Deny Permanent Dojo Status for Meikyokan Dojo" (Secretary Shishido)

Motions: "Approve or Deny Permanent Dojo Status for Hawaii Daijingu Kendo Club" (Secretary Shishido)