Meikyokan dojo is focused on creating a positive environment for learning kendo, with an emphasis on adult beginners, especially women.



Meikyokan holds practice every weekday morning, Monday through Friday, from 7am to 8am.

Friday morning practices are OPEN PRACTICES. All kendoists with appropriate permission (from your sensei and Meikyokan sensei) are welcome.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning practices are CLOSED PRACTICES. These practices are only for Meikyokan students.

Monday: kata practice
Tuesday: beginners practice with shinai
Wednesday: intermediate practice with shinai & bogu
Thursday: beginners practice with bokuto
Friday: open practice (people from other dojo welcome)

Meikyokan dojo is usually closed on U.S. federal holidays. Please e-mail us if you’d like to confirm a specific practice date.



Instruction at Meikyokan dojo is presented in English.

However, there are times - for example, when studying from Japanese-language texts, videos, and so on - in which discussions are supplemented by bilingual (Japanese/English) analysis, in order to be more aware of differences of meaning and issues of translation when studying kendo in a non-Japanese context.



We maintain a small learning group and make a sincere effort to accept new students that we think will be a good match to our other students, program, and teachers. The first month of practice is considered a trial period and is offered at no cost.



If you would like to visit Meikyokan dojo we respectfully request that you contact us in advance in order to make arrangements.



In general, tuition for Meikyokan students is $40 / month. However, no one accepted as a student of Meikyokan dojo will be denied participation due to financial constraints; in such cases exemptions or alternative arrangements can be discussed with Meikyokan sensei.

There are no "registration fees" at Meikyokan. There are no fees for guests or visitors.

In addition to Meikyokan tuition, all students are asked to pay a fee* to be members of the Hawaii Kendo Federation (HKF). This allows Meikyokan students to participate in HKF and FIK (International Kendo Federation) activities.

HKF annual membership fees as of 2017:
Mudansha (below 1dan): $5
1dan: $10
2dan: $15
3dan and above: $25
65 years old and above: $10



Meikyokan dojo is located in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii.

Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii
Kenshikan Dojo, 1st Floor
2454 Beretania Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96826



As of 2015, Meikyokan dojo is a member of the Hawaii Kendo Federation (HKF) and International Kendo Federation (FIK).


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