Photos 1-4 (left to right): Kenshikan Dojo at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii, where we practice. Photo 5: Shinai (bamboo sword) and various bokuto (wooden swords). Photo 6: keiko-gi (practice shirt) and hakama (skirt); Photo 7: holding a shinai and wearing bogu (protective armor); Photo 8: kote (hand/wrist armor) and men (head armor); Photo 9: Hyoshi-gi (wooden blocks used for signaling during practice); Photo 10: Taking good care of our equipment is important; we typically use bags like these for storing and transporting kendo-related items; Photos 11, 12: If you are interested, we can also learn how to make cute bags together! These bags are made of tsumugi, a kind of kimono fabric. ~ jks




Below are some old kendo videos that I copied from a VHS tape Ikenaga sensei (Myohoji) lent me back in... the late 80s? (I can't remember!) The picture quality is pretty awful by today's standards, but I love the kendo in these videos. ~ jks

Demonstration match: Nishikawa v. Hayashi.

Demonstration of a practice sequence.

Demonstration of kirikaeshi only.

Demonstration of kakari-geiko only.

Very poor video quality, but still one of my favorite video demonstrations of Nihon Kendo Kata (1-10). This is from an AJKF instructional video.

Nihon Kendo Kata, filmed at the Kendo World Keiko-kai in Tokyo, 2012. Uchidachi Yukari Kono sensei (Renshi 6dan) and shidachi Mayumi Katsura sensei (Renshi 6dan).

Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho instructional video. Published by the All Japan Kendo Federation.

The following two documentaries are actually very nice as 'general introductions' to kendo.

Documentary : Japan / Kendo's Gruelling Challenge - The 120 second Test of Spirit. National Geographic (1997). Uploaded by Meikyokan Dojo on 2017-01-19.

A Single Blow. NHK Documentary (2003). Uploaded by Meikyokan Dojo on 2017-01-19.

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