Current Members:

J. Ady (2dan, female)

K. Arasaki (no rank, female) : "I came to Hawaii from Japan in 2014. I never imagined that I would be learning kendo in Hawaii and in English. Although I don't understand English very well I am able to learn kendo comfortably because they use gesture and translate for me. Since my children are small I spent most of my time with them. Kendo is a very important part of my life." Other interests: reading books, backing, eating, flower arrangement. [ Translated by M. Arasaki. Original Japanese here. ]

R. Hayashi (dojo administrator, 3dan, 51 years old, female) : "I was born and raised in Japan and started practicing kendo as a 44-year-old in 2011."  Other interests: caregiving for seniors, sewing, cooking & baking, sado (Japanese tea ceremony), and reading kendo books - especially ones about philosophy and spiritual development.

K. Hui (4dan, male)

G. Katagihara (no rank, male)

G. Komata (1kyu, female) : "I was born and raised in Honolulu, HI. Worked at the University of Hawaii for 20 years in the Telecommunications, Information Technology area. Went on to experience life in Texas for 13 years. And now at 60 years of age, have the honor and privilege of learning kendo. Also enjoy spending time with my husband and our Haru (Chihuahua/terrier), traveling, crafting, cooking/baking, and learning from Shishido sensei how to release life’s stresses."

D. Liu (1dan, male)

J.K. Shishido (instructor, 6 dan, 51 years old, male) : "I started kendo in the early 1980s under Shigeo Yoshinaga sensei (kyoshi, 7 dan) and have continued to practice kendo wherever I've lived (Hawaii, California, New York, Massachusetts) ... For now, I am focused on working with adult beginners, especially women ... I have over 20 years experience living with and managing chronic back pain and arthritis. I'd like to use the things I've learned during this time to benefit students who want to learn kendo but do not have an abundance of physical strength, flexibility, or agility."  Other interests: critical social analysis, radical education, contemporary art, cats. Other influences: bell hooks, Noam Chomsky, Haunani-Kay Trask, Paul McCarthy.

A. Stachiewicz (3dan, female)

L. Tan (3 dan, female) Started kendo in her early 20s at Honolulu YBA under Shigeo Yoshinaga sensei, iai under Chuichi Furuyama sensei. Later Kenshikan Kendo Club and Chuo Kendo Dojo (Los Angeles, CA). Four-time Hawaii women's team member, World Kendo Championships (1997 Kyoto JAPAN, 2000 Santa Clara USA, 2003 Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND, 2006 Taipei TAIWAN).

Past or Leave of Absence members:

N. Shinzato
E. Burns
G. Cabrera
M. Morikubo
I. Lee
R. Fujihira

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