Meikyokan Fundamentals List

This is a list of things that I would like all Meikyokan students to know before taking the examination for shodan. When I say "know," I don't mean that you have to have to be able to do all of these things "perfectly." I just mean that you should be familiar with them, have a fair understanding of their significance and meaning, and be able to do them reasonably well for the level of ikkyu/shodan. I realize this is very vague but I will try to explain and clarify in person. ~ jks, revised 02-2016.


• reiho : courtesies (bowing, crouching, etc.)


• saho : protocols


• chakuso : technique & appearance

clothes and armour parts names

proper wearing of clothes

proper wearing of armor


• shinai & bogu : practice sword & armor

shinai parts names

shinai disassembly & assembly

armor parts names

proper care of shinai & armor


• mokuso : sitting meditation


• kamae : stance

chudan no kamae

jodan no kamae

gedan no kamae

hasso no kamae

waki gamae


• ashisabaki : footwork

ayumi ashi

okuri ashi

hiraki ashi

tsugi ashi


• suburi : unity of spirit, body, & sword

 menuchi sankyodo

 menuchi nikyodo

 menuchi zenshin kotai




• fumikiri / fumikomi dosa : lunging movements

fumikomi ashi niyoru men uchi

fumikomi ashi niyoru kote uchi

fumikomi ashi niyoru do uchi

fumikomi ashi niyoru renzoku waza


• kirikaeshi : practice method with straight and alternating men strikes

all students: kirikaeshi (taiatari nashi)

some students: kirikaeshi (taiatari)


• uchikomi geiko : practice method of attacking openings


• kakari geiko : practice method of creating and attacking openings


• jigeiko : free practice method


• nihon kendo kata

tachi no kata 1 : men-nuki-men

tachi no kata 2 : kote-nuki-kote

tachi no kata 3 : tsuki-nayashi-tsuki

tachi no kata 4 : ai-uchi-men; tsuki-maki kaeshi-men

tachi no kata 5 : men-suriage-men

tachi no kata 6 : kote-suriage-kote

tachi no kata 7 : ai-tuski; men-nuki-do

kodachi no kata 1 : men-ukenagashi-men (omote)

kodachi no kata 2 : men-ukenagashi-men (ura)

kodachi no kata 3 : men-suriage/suriotoshi; do-surinagashi/surikomi


• Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho : fundamental kendo technique practice using the bokuto

1 ippon uchi no waza : shomen / kote / do (migi-do) / tsuki

2 renzoku waza : kote-men

3 harai waza : harai-men (omote)

4 hiki waza : hiki-do (migi-do)

5 nuki waza : men-nuki-do (migi-do)

6 suriage waza : kote-suriage-men (ura)

7 debana waza : debana-kote

8 kaeshi waza : men-kaeshi-do (migi-do)

9 uchiotoshi waza : do (migi-do)-uchiotoshi-men


[ end ]