Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho

This list (below) is the order of the waza practice. Actually, Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon-waza keiko-ho can be practiced in any order, and altered in any way you see fit, in order to learn other things. It's not a sacred artifact, it's just a tool for our learning. ~ jks, 06-2017.


1) ippon-uchi-no-waza

class: shikake-waza
primary example: shomen, kote, do, tsuki
variants: yoko-men, hidari-do (jodan), hidari-kote (jodan), katate-tsuki, etc.

2) renzoku-waza (ni/san-dan waza)

class: shikake-waza
primary example: kote-men
variants: men-men, kote-do, men-do, kote-men-do, tsuki-kote-men, etc.

3) harai-waza

class: shikake-waza
primary example: harai-men (omote)
variants: harai-kote (ura), harai-men (ura), etc.

4) hiki-waza

class: shikake-waza
primary example: hiki-do (migi)
variants: hiki-men, hiki-kote, hiki-do (hidari), etc.

5) nuki-waza

class: oji-waza
primary example: men-nuki-do (migi)
variants: men-nuki-men, kote-nuki-men, kote-nuki-kote, etc.

6) suriage-waza

class: oji-waza
primary example: kote-suriage-men
variants: men-suriage-men (omote), men-suriage-men (ura), etc.

7) debana-waza

class: shikake-waza
primary example: debana-kote
variants: debana-men, etc.

8) kaeshi-waza

class: oji-waza
primary example: men-kaeshi-do (migi)
variants: kote-kaeshi-men, kote-kaeshi-kote, etc.

9) uchiotoshi-waza

class: oji-waza
primary example: do (migi)-uchiotoshi-men
variants: kote-uchiotoshi-men, men-uchiotoshi-men, hiki do-uchiotoshi-men, etc.


The so-called "song" to help us remember the order of the practice method.

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