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HKF Information Archive

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I've been adding information about various HKF matters to the "HKF info" area on this website. You can go to the archive via the link in the left margin (desktop computers) or via the dropdown navigation menu (smartphones).

Sometimes I take a while to post stuff, and I agree that the archive is a bit out of place since this is actually the Meikyokan website and not the HKF website, but whatever - I just want MKK students to have a basic idea about what's going on in the HKF. Latest additions:

• list of everyone who passed the June 5 dan & kyu shinsa
• scan of the Nikkan San advertisement (June 21) re: visiting sensei from Kurume City, JAPAN
• final results from this past weekend's Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament

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2016 HKF General Membership & Board of Directors meeting is Feb 14

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The Hawaii Kendo Federation's General Membership and Board of Directors meetings will be held on Feb. 14, 2016 at 3:30pm at Myohoji Temple's Social Hall.


Looking at the minutes of last year's General Membership meeting I see the thing was only 16 minutes long. Immediately after the General Membership meeting, the Board of Directors meeting will be held. I'm relatively new to the Board so I am super curious what would happen if non-Board members want to stay and listen.

Anyway, here are the documents relating to the upcoming meetings that I received tonight from HKF Secreatary P Sone:

Minutes of the 2015 General Membership meeting
Minutes of the previous Board of Directors meeting, dated October 25, 2015
Agenda for the upcoming General Membership meeting and the Board of Directors meeting (February 14, 2016)

2016 February 12 Update: Financial & Iaido documents from President Nekomoto:

HKF Income Statement 2015 Summary
Account Balances 2015
2015 4th Quarter Financial Report
HKF Iaido Branch draft addition to Bylaws
Bylaws Iaibu insertion

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Wahiawa Kendo Club newsletter

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Every month Iwao Sato sensei (Wahiawa Kendo Club) creates a newsletter. I look forward to reading his newsletter - it not only has important information about what kind of kendo events are happening here in Hawaii or who is visiting from Japan (or elsewhere), but at the end of each newsletter there is always a short story or personal thought from Sato sensei. I'm learning many things from him.

At newsletter time you often see Sato sensei passing out his newsletter after practice, which he puts in recycled envelopes. Or you can ask him to include you on his e-mail list. The Wahiawa Kendo Club newsletter is even more important because the Hawaii Kendo Federation does not have a newsletter.

As far as I know Sato sensei has never missed making a newsletter for each new month. Ask him how many years he has been doing this. He is like the ox in that Zen story that keeps on walking and walking and goes a thousand miles. Amazing.

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