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Cats update

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Back in January 2016, I wrote an entry about a young cat that had been hit by a car (near Wahiawa Hongwanji Mission, right after Wahiawa Kendo Club's Wednesday night practice). I've received a few questions about what happened to that cat.

He's fine. His name is TC now and he seems completely normal except for two things - I think his right eye doesn't work so well, and for some reason although he's gotten a little larger he's still pretty small and still has "kitten face". (I don't know what else to call it - he just doesn't have the "look" of an adult cat.) It's kind of odd, but whatever - it's sort of cute and the main thing is he's healthy and happy.

Different story: A couple of years ago one of the students at Kenshikan gave me an unwanted cat. Her name is Nora. (Last two photos, below. First two are of TC.) She's also become a permanent resident at my house.

So two of my six cats came to me directly through kendo. I don't know if this is a new "thing" in Hawaii kendo - my sister, a.k.a. Lori Chun sensei, recently brought home a tiny kitten that she found wandering around the parking lot of Monday night kendo practice in Heeia.

I think this is a good trend. A lot of kendo people send me photos of their cats so maybe cats and kendo just go together very naturally.

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Several weeks ago, while driving back to Honolulu after nighttime practice at Wahiawa Kendo Club, Hayashi and I saw the car in front of us stop in the middle of the road. The driver got out and picked a cat off the road that had been hit by a car (I don't know if it was him or someone else that did it) and then carried it off to the side of the road, leaving it next to a tree. As the driver was returning to his car I asked him if the cat was dead - he said, "No, but it's pretty bad; it's going to die." He drove away.

We like cats so I went to go check on the cat. It was a kitten and although obviously injured (bleeding from somewhere) and very disoriented (kind of slowly crawling around in a circle), I couldn't tell if it was going to die just by looking at it. I put it in the car and we took it to an animal hospital.

The hospital report was that he had been hit in the head, lost some teeth, and his right eye didn't seem to be working properly. Beyond that the doctor couldn't tell if he had received any life-threatening internal injuries - she said if he lived for another 24-48 hours that he had a pretty decent chance of surviving.

The kitten on the second day of his hospital stay - cleaned up and also a little drugged up with pain killers.

Two months later the kitten is still alive and is getting stronger and larger every day. I think he lost some vision in his right eye but besides that he seems healthy and happy.

His name is T.C., which is short for "Theoretical Cat." Does anybody want to give him a good home? (I already have 5 cats.)

Anyway, I'm posting these cat photos on this kendo website because 1) I think he's cute and I enjoy looking at him; and 2) it seems to me that if Sato sensei didn't hold kendo practices on Wednesday nights, Theoretical would have probably died on the side of the road that night.

Yet another unanticipated example of how good kendo is.

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MKK t-shirt?

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We decided to make t-shirts to sell as a fundraising project. We're thinking of putting this on the front:

As part of a separate fundraising project, yesterday we were at JCCH's Summer Craft Fair selling some handmade items sewn by MKK administrator Hayashi (shinai bukuro, tenugui envelopes, hands-free bags, etc.). To gauge audience reaction among the fair-goers, we decided to make a state of the art full-scale mockup of our soon-to-be-ready t-shirt:

Seems like anime nerds and crazy cat ladies especially liked the design. Good!

I will post an update when the shirts are done and available for purchase. All money raised from these fundraisers will go directly to supporting Meikyokan.

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MKK Flier version 1.1

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Here is our (slightly) improved flier. Incremental improvements!

1) Our old flier used to say "Practice: Monday to Friday 7am-8am (every weekday morning!)." We changed it to say "Practice is held every weekday morning...", so that people will know that they don't HAVE to come every day if they can't for some reason - examples: schedule conflicts, physical limitations, and so on.

2) Finally added our contact e-mail address. (Oops.)

3) The cat looks a little different. Can you tell?

This flier is also available as a downloadable PDF. Click here to download.

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