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Next HKF Dan/Kyu Exams are on Sunday, May 28

Added on by J.K. SHISHIDO.

As always, documents relating to the upcoming Dan & Kyu Examinations are now posted in the "HKF info" area of this website. Direct links:

Announcement & General information (April 15 2017) [ PDF, 106KB ]
Shinsa Application - Dojo (due May 15) [ PDF, 37KB ]
Shinsa Application - Individual (due May 15) [ PDF, 29KB ]
Kyu & Dan fee schedule (as of April 15 2017) [ PDF, 37KB ]
Official HKF Exam study guide (1ku to 5dan) [ PDF, 287 KB ]
HKF Study Guide for Kyu and Dan Promotion (essay questions) [ PDF, 70KB ]
NEW ITEM: Notes regarding Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho for 1kyu exam (April 2017, from Chief Examiner Takahashi) [ PDF, 66KB ]

Please note that the deadline for submission of applications and fees is May 15, which is a Monday. Best wishes to everyone taking exams next month!

UPDATE (May 10, 2017): Yukimasa Furutani sensei has been appointed HKF Chief Examiner, replacing Yoshiro Takahashi sensei, effective May 7, 2017. For this reason the due date for application forms and payments has been extended a few days to May 20, 2017. Read the memo here.

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