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MKK t-shirt?

Added on by J.K. SHISHIDO.

We decided to make t-shirts to sell as a fundraising project. We're thinking of putting this on the front:

As part of a separate fundraising project, yesterday we were at JCCH's Summer Craft Fair selling some handmade items sewn by MKK administrator Hayashi (shinai bukuro, tenugui envelopes, hands-free bags, etc.). To gauge audience reaction among the fair-goers, we decided to make a state of the art full-scale mockup of our soon-to-be-ready t-shirt:

Seems like anime nerds and crazy cat ladies especially liked the design. Good!

I will post an update when the shirts are done and available for purchase. All money raised from these fundraisers will go directly to supporting Meikyokan.

Posted by Shishido.

MKK Flier version 1.1

Added on by J.K. SHISHIDO.

Here is our (slightly) improved flier. Incremental improvements!

1) Our old flier used to say "Practice: Monday to Friday 7am-8am (every weekday morning!)." We changed it to say "Practice is held every weekday morning...", so that people will know that they don't HAVE to come every day if they can't for some reason - examples: schedule conflicts, physical limitations, and so on.

2) Finally added our contact e-mail address. (Oops.)

3) The cat looks a little different. Can you tell?

This flier is also available as a downloadable PDF. Click here to download.

Posted by Shishido.