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Other shinpan resources in English

Added on by J.K. SHISHIDO.

While looking for Stroud sensei's translation of the Kendo Shiai - Shinpan - Administration Essentials Guide, I stumbled across these:

A Guide for Tournament Refereeing in Kendo, by the All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF) Committee on Tournaments and Refereeing, 2002-03; revised 2010. Translated by Tadashi Wakabayashi. [ PDF, 1.7 MB ]

The First Steps to Becoming a Referee: Basic Rules of Kendo Tournaments and Refereeing by Terry Holt. 2013 version. [ PDF, 2.3 MB ]

Over the years I'd seen various snippets from Holt sensei's book here and there on the internet but before tonight I've never seen the whole book. It's really wonderful, with super cute illustrations. Sadly, Holt sensei recently passed away, in 2015. There are video interviews with Holt sensei on YouTube, in case you would like to hear and see more of him.

It takes a lot of work to create resources that others can learn and benefit from. A very nice way for us to show our appreciation to others for their work is to do work ourselves for the benefit of others' learning. We may not all be kendo experts but since we all have different talents, we can all find ways to contribute in one way or another. Working on creating learning materials, recording histories, taking care of our elders, and so on, are all excellent ways to study.

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