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Into year three

Added on by J.K. SHISHIDO.

February marks the second anniversary of Meikyokan Dojo at JCCH. And while I completely forgot about it, Meikyokan member Liu remembered and very thoughtfully presented everyone with "anniversary" soap. While all the ladies received cute soaps in feminine colors, I received a very large, impressive block of soap with hard edges, pictured here sitting beneath the ordinary soap I was previously using:

Honestly, I have never seen soap this big before.

I want to thank all of the members of Meikyokan, who have made the past two years so enjoyable. I find myself looking forward to every practice and feel happy to see everyone, every morning. And of course I also want to say 'thank you' to everyone from other dojos, both here in Hawaii and beyond, who have supported Meikyokan in their own way, by bringing their sincere, positive feelings to our practices.

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