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MKK fundraising at big craft fair

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The month of November is fundraising time for our dojo. This year we will have a booth at a craft fair (30th Islandwide Christmas Crafts & Food Expo, Friday-Saturday-Sunday, November 25-27 at the Neal S. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall; event info & Facebook page). The members of our dojo are busy making things like messenger bags, checkbook wallets, card holders, and so on to sell at the fair. Most of the objects are handmade, one of a kind, and made of reclaimed vintage kimono fabric. (I think I explained about this last year in a previous post?) Like this:

And also we will make some mascot t-shirts. (Last photo: Our friend Devin from Seattle.)

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1st MKK fundraiser done! Result: so so.

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After selling handmade items and MKK t-shirts at our table at the JCCH Summer Craft Bazaar for four Saturdays (once a month - June, July, August, and September) our total funds raised was $832. Not bad, but in the future we will try to come up with other ways to raise more money.

We would like to say "Thank you" to everyone who stopped by our table to chat, or bought something in support of our new dojo. The best part of this mini-project was that we met several nice people while working the bazaar table. I thought it was interesting how many of the women we met in their 60s/70s/80s said something like, "I wanted to learn kendo when I was younger but I felt like it was only for the boys..." I will try to keep these kind of things in mind as we move Meikyokan forward.

Also a very special thank you to Sato sensei, who mentioned our fundraising project several times in his emails and Wahiawa Kendo Club newsletter. Without his help we probably would have made something like $200.

Although we sold out of all of the handmade kendo items MKK administrator Hayashi made, we still have kendo cat t-shirts available if anyone wants one. I will take a photograph of a human being wearing the t-shirt and post it here, later.

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MKK t-shirt?

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We decided to make t-shirts to sell as a fundraising project. We're thinking of putting this on the front:

As part of a separate fundraising project, yesterday we were at JCCH's Summer Craft Fair selling some handmade items sewn by MKK administrator Hayashi (shinai bukuro, tenugui envelopes, hands-free bags, etc.). To gauge audience reaction among the fair-goers, we decided to make a state of the art full-scale mockup of our soon-to-be-ready t-shirt:

Seems like anime nerds and crazy cat ladies especially liked the design. Good!

I will post an update when the shirts are done and available for purchase. All money raised from these fundraisers will go directly to supporting Meikyokan.

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