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Upcoming visitors: Fumio Ota sensei (Tokyo), Hiroshi Sasaki sensei (Akita)

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Announcement via e-mail sent to HKF dojo heads & Board members:

Hello Kendo Friends,

This coming Friday, March 3, Fumio Ota sensei will be joining our morning practice. Everyone is welcome.

Also, Mr. and Mrs. Sasaki senseis, along with their associate Mr. Mikuni, will be visiting our morning practice on Monday, March 13. The practice session will be lead by Sasaki sensei and will focus on Nihon Kendo Kata. Sasaki sensei has agreed to do a question-and-answer portion after a short demonstration with Mr. Mikuni, so if you have any questions about kata that you'd like "answered" please email them to me and I will give them to Sasaki sensei to respond to. Even if you are unable to come, please feel free to send me your questions; I'm sure everyone who attends will benefit from your question(s) and I will be happy to share his responses with you afterwards.

Meikyokan morning practices begin promptly at 7am and end at 8am; dojo doors will open at 630am for getting dressed and warmed up. Our practices are held at Kenshikan Dojo in the Japanese Cultural Center - same location as Kenshikan Kendo Club, Kenyukai Kendo Club, and Reiun Kenkai Kendo.

Thank you,
Jon Shishido

Akagi sensei lecture

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Akagi sensei presented an hour-long lecture at our morning class today in which he discussed a few influential senseis in Japan following World War II. We enjoyed Akagi sensei's retelling of the famous exhibition match between Sonobe Hideo sensei (naginata) and Ooasa Yuji sensei (kendo), as well as a few anecdotes about Ooasa sensei, Mori sensei, and Noma dojo (Tokyo). We hope that Akagi sensei will come to share his knowledge and perspectives with us again and again. These mini-encounters with history help us to develop an appreciation for people and events that came before - and I think we need this in order to understand where we are, and how to make our way forward.

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Sasaki sensei & Sasaki sensei visit from Akita, Japan

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Meikyokan welcomed our first international guests yesterday, Sasaki Hiroshi sensei (7dan) and Sasaki Keiko sensei (5dan) from Akita, Japan. I felt very happy during their visit - I have known the Sasakis for many years (25 years?) and greatly admire their kendo. They are also long time friends of my teacher Yoshinaga sensei & his family. I think we (Hawaii people) learned a lot and also had fun.

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