Akagi sensei visit

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Meikyokan Dojo was very honored to have Dr. Noboru Akagi visit us yesterday. At the end of practice I asked Akagi sensei what he thought are the most important things for someone to hold in their mind and heart while they learn kendo. He mentioned the importance of creating specific objectives and desires and to try to learn in a broad way - not only the physical aspects of kendo but also manners, how to talk to people, culture, the arts, and so on.

His reply also prompted me to revisit the Aiea Taiheiji Kendo Manual from 1995, which includes many sections authored by Akagi sensei.

"In my early years, I learned many things, but my understanding was not complete. Gradually however, through long and difficult training I began to make the knowledge gained through training a part of my life.

I learned that one cannot hurry, but must persevere within one's ability. There can be no doubt. There must be total acceptance of training. Ken is a man. His character can be detected in how he wields his sword.

KIGURAI is "pride." It is one of my favorite words. One must remember this world while living each day. But do not forget that KIGURAI also has its limitations, and can cause people to misunderstand the purpose of training. The proverb, "The moonlight comes through the cracks in the log cabin," must be well understood and cherished. FAITH, JUSTICE, WISDOM, HARMONY, and RESPECT are my other favorite words. As long as we live in this world, we must also realize the importance of the word PEACE."

- Akagi sensei, from ATKM, page 83.

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