MKK @ Kenshikan Dojo, JCCH

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As of today Meikyokan Dojo has a new home at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii. I signed a Lease Agreement with Caroline Okihara, Director of Finance and Administration, to use Kenshikan Dojo every weekday morning for our practices. I am pleased to practice in the space that Yoshinaga sensei worked so hard to help create.

I had originally requested a 6am-7am practice time but for various reasons this could not be accommodated by JCCH. We will instead practice from 7am-8am; I sincerely hope that this will turn out to be a good time for people. Dojo administrator Hayashi and I will begin practicing for practice at Kenshikan starting next Monday, and hopefully begin training students in April. Open practices will begin in March.

I have to find students.

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